We can make any of our cupcake flavors into a cake flavors! However, please note, cake orders require a couple of days’ notice, because we bake everything from scratch.

Cakes can be regular, GF, Vegan or GF + Vegan (see cupcake flavors for cake flavors in the GF, vegan, gf + vegan)

Buttercream or vegan frosting needs to be the same flavor (can’t mix them up)

Cake Sizes:
6” single or double layer
8” single or double layer
¼ sheet cake (feeds about 15 people)
½ sheet cake (feeds about 30 people)
Full sheet cake (feeds about 60 people)
Cupcake Cakes:  we can do most any number of cupcakes on a board up to about 40
Cookie Cakes:  Our great tasting cookies can also be made into cakes!